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Choosing the right signal booster

You need to choose the right mobile phone signal boosters to actually enjoy a strong cell phone signal or to have better reception of the mobile network. There are many types of mobile phone signal boosters and many companies make them but without delving into the different models and brands, it is essential to know the factors which will influence your choice and eventual decision.

Factors That Must Be Taken Into Consideration

The specifications of mobile phone signal boosters will vary from one model to another and naturally the more expensive ones will be the more advanced and stronger devices. signal-booster At the basics, mobile phone signal boosters must be chosen depending on three factors. Which network or networks have to be enhanced, the present strength of the signals of that network or those networks in context and the entire floor area or the total size of the place that must get the enhanced signal strength.

Mobile Networks

Different mobile networks or carriers use different technology. While all mobile networks use radio waves, the frequencies will vary. Some carriers will use a specific band of frequencies which may be different from other carriers. Also the technology being used, whether it is 2G or 3G or 4G, will also determine the specs that you need in your mobile phone signal boosters. The frequency being used by the network or a carrier along with the technology will determine the type of signal amplifiers or the antennas that you will have to put in place for effective signal boosting.

If you need to have mobile phone signal boosters for multiple networks or carriers then you will have to choose the appropriate antennas. In such instances, you should opt for Omni-directional External or Outside Antennas. This type of antenna can send or receive signals from all directions. This is needed because with multiple carriers or networks, you won’t have the towers in one direction.

Outside Signal Strength

The signal strength outside where the antenna will be placed will determine the spec of the antenna. How strong or moderately strong an antenna you will need will depend largely on the outside signal strength and also partly on the fact whether you need a signal boost for one network or multiple networks.

Coverage Area

The size or floor area of the place which needs a signal boost will determine the type of mobile phone signal boosters you must buy and also the strength of the amplifier and repeater.