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Zettaguard Wireless-N 300Mbps Multi-Functional Wired / Wireless Wi-Fi Travel Mini Router

If you have an internet connection, chances are you’re already using a fully capable router to broadcast Wi-Fi signals in your home and office. The problem is that most homes and offices are built with concrete, which is a notorious material for Wi-Fi signals.

This results into Wi-Fi signals not getting through to places where you want it to be. Fortunately, you can remedy this problem by getting yourself a WiFi Range Extender. There are a lot of Wi-Fi Range extenders out there, but we’re going to take a look at an inexpensive product with great reviews.

zettaI am talking about the Zettaguard Wireless-N 300Mbps Multi-Functional Wired/ Wireless Wi-Fi Travel Mini Router. Why Mini router, you ask? Well, this Wi-Fi range extender sports a wall-plug design where you just plug it into an electrical outlet, and then it starts to extend your Router’s Wi-Fi signal range!

Here is the complete product description for the Zettaguard Wireless Travel Mini Router:

Multifunctional: Supports Router, Client, Bridge, AP mode. Convert your wired network into Wi-Fi instantly

Extreme Portability: Compact, lightweight design for travel, home, and office use

Set-Up with Simplicity: Get your networks faster with user-friendly design and set-up software. Ethernet RJ45 cable included

Wall-plug / footprint reduction design: no need for additional power adapters or cords that take up space

High-speed Stability: Reliable, stable connection to allow any internet use within range with improved speed up to 300Mbps. Please check PDF file below product description for troubleshooting steps

The Zettaguard Mini Router has 4 modes you can choose from:

Router: If you want to plug a modem into its Ethernet port and it will act as a typical router

Access Point: This mode acts as a range extender. It should be wired to a router, and then this device will then rebroadcast signals to wherever you need it.

Bridge: This mode lets you connect to a wireless network, which you can rename and rebroadcasted again. This is perfect if you want to organize different networks for different users.

Client mode: In this mode, you can connect your video game console or SmartTV into the device via an Ethernet cable, so the said devices can have access to the internet.

The Zettaguard Wireless Mini Router has garnered a lot of good reviews mainly because of its price and functionality. Here are just some of them:

Jacqueline: “Setup was fast and the router works wonderfully. I thought my internet service was slow due to constant buffering during programs, especially when watching Youtube. However, my old router was the issue. This router perfectly solved our problems. Now everything streams perfectly throughout our house with no spots and weak signals. Great device at a great price.”

Barbara: “Bought this item to allow wireless printing. Worked flawlessly and took just a few minutes to set up. Extremely pleased with the product and would recommend this product to others.”

The Zettaguard Wireless Mini Router costs only $18.99. Aside from the actual mini-router, you will also get an RJ45 Ethernet cable and a user manual. The Zettaguard Wireless mini router is one of the best Wifi-Range extenders out there and it’s truly a bang for your buck.