Destiny 2 is Set to Release Next Year

Bungie will release Destiny’s latest update called “Rise of the Iron” in September but there are now reports that Bungie is currently busy on something else.

Apparently, the gaming company just confirmed the rumor that they are working on Destiny 2.

In a recent interview published in Edge Magazine, the gaming company iterated that part of their workforce is now currently developing Destiny 2.

As for the actual naming scheme, it would still be thought of after the game is fully developed.

Anyway, it is interesting that Bungie is working on Destiny 2. What people thought that Destiny 2 will never come into existence is just false and the gaming company quickly quashed that notion.

In fact, it would be wise for Bungie to create a sequel to the game knowing that Destiny is still one of the best RPG shooting games in existence.

Now, who is manning the Destiny 2 project? I think a lot of fans will be pleased with this one as Luke Smith will be the one spearheading this project.

For those of you who do not know, Luke Smith was responsible for Destiny’s “The Taken King” patch, which to this day, is one of the best DLC updates of the game according to fans.

Luke Smith is actually a really good game designer. He was also the lead designer for “Vault Glass” which is also pretty good.

Now, Activision, a sister company of Bungie, actually hinted of a sequel to the game at the height of Destiny’s popularity about two years ago.

Basically, it was just a notion that they would make a sequel but seeing how the game panned out, it was a sure thing that the game developers should work on Destiny 2.

Now for the naming scheme. It is still unknown by now if Bungie decides to retain the numerical naming scheme of the sequel (Destiny 2) or if they are going to name it properly.

There are some rumors that Bungie might call it as “Beyond Destiny’ or “The Shattered Suns”.

For me personally, the numerical naming scheme would make sense. That is because if they were to go with a complete name, it would just sound like it’s a new DLC update.

Or, better yet, they can incorporate the numerical naming scheme but they will also dub it with a proper title as well. Something like Destiny 2: The Shattered Suns or something to that effect.

Destiny 2, at least according to recent reports, will be released sometime in 2017. The release date might be divulged sometime early next year, so be sure to stay tuned for that.

In other news, Destiny’s latest DLC patch, Rise of the Iron, will be available on September 20, 2016, for both the Playstation 4 and Xbox One game consoles.

It is still unclear how much the game would cost you but if it follows the usual pricing scheme, the game will probably cost around $40-$60.

Are you excited for the upcoming Destiny 2?