Blizzard is one of the biggest PC gaming companies in the world. The gaming company is known for its huge gaming titles such as Starcraft, Diablo, and Warcraft.

They have since expanded their gaming lineup by introducing Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm.

The gaming company aims to expand their gaming lineup even more by releasing a new game this year. FPS fanatics would be pleased to know that they are going to be releasing Overwatch this May 2016.

Now, what is Overwatch? Overwatch is Blizzard’s take on the FPS genre. They already have games for the Action/adventure genre, RTS, and Casual, but they never had an FPS game.

The story of the game revolves around a group of heroes that was created by the United Nations to thwart evil beings. You see, the game is set in the future where the “Omnic”, an artificial intelligence, controls robots to do its own bidding.

In order to stop these menacing robots, the “Overwatch” was born. After quite some time battling these rogue robots, corrupt government officials want the Overwatch to be disbanded. The full story is still not known since the game is still not out yet, but at least, blizzard teased us with a little bit of the plot.

Now, the Overwatch is actually a little combination of Team Fortress and Battlefield where you take on roles rather than just selecting a character and doing what it is that you want.

But before I delve deeper on the different roles in the game, I am going to talk first about the different game modes.

The first game mode is the Assault. There are two teams: the attacking team and the defending team. The attack team must capture two points that are located near the defending team. The defending team’s job is to make sure that the attacking team does not acquire the two target points.

The second game mode is the Escort. In this game mode, the attacking team is assigned to escort a precious cargo. There is a time limit to which, when the time runs out, the attacking team must wait for another payload and escort it again. The defending team’s job is to make sure that the payload vehicles will be stopped. There is a time limit in this game mode so keep an eye on it.

The last game mode is the Control. There are certain control points that either team must get a hold of. The first team that gets their control percentage to 100% wins the game. This game mode follows a best-of-three format.

Overwatch is a unique game in that you will take on roles. These roles are the offense, the defense, the tank, and the support.

When you’re taking on the role of the offense, you will have the best mobility among all of the characters in the field and you deal heavy amounts of damage. The only drawback is that the offense has the lowest HP.

The Defense has the ability to control certain points in the game and should be the one that is tasked to defend a base.

The Tank has a lot of defense and hit points, but at the expense of having low damage. The tank’s role is to get the attention of the enemy while also protecting bases and points in the game.

And lastly, the Support character has all the utilities a team needs to win the game. They can either weaken the enemy or bolster your own team.

The Overwatch is a promising game and it will be released on the last week of May 2016.