Pokemon Go Still Suffers from Connectivity Issues

Online games, especially when they are officially released, can get their servers congested. That is usually the case because of the game’s entry into the world of gaming.
Usually, online game servers stabilize after a few days (or 2 weeks) but unfortunately, that does not apply to Pokemon Go.
Pokemon Go is probably one of the best mobile phone games in recent history. This app has been downloaded millions on times for both the Android and Apple mobile phones.
Now, due to the massive influx, Niantic issues an apology stating that because of the sudden surge of players, their servers were not able to cope up.
This statement was released in the week that the game was released. Yes, I get that, because of the popularity of the game, there were connectivity issues. Yes, I truly admit that I was frustrated but what can I do, the game was still fresh.
Now that nearly a month has passed, the same problem still remains. People are still suffering from connectivity issues. Issues like slow connection, trouble connecting to the game, and even sudden disconnections are just some of the things people experience while playing the game.
Most people also experience loading screens that take almost forever to load. Some also experience issues with navigating the menus and just the overall feel of the game is a bit sluggish.
Well, Niantic did say that they are working hard to improve the game and their servers. Hopefully, they will address this issue as this can be a major bummer for players of the game.
We already know how hard it is to level up in this game and it can be increasingly hard if you get frequent disconnections.
The good thing about this is that Niantic is aware of this issue and are now working on a fix (hopefully, not a temporary one). They can implore the aid of Nintendo if they want help.
In other news, a startup company created a dating app called “Pokedates”. I know they are piggybacking on the success of Pokemon Go, but I think that this app really has something going for them.
The premise of the Pokedates app is that you set up your profile just like you would using other Dating websites.
The app will then scan people with the same interests and the same schedule as you’ve input on your profile.
After presenting you with some matches, you can then contact a particular person, set up a time and date for the meetup, and meet with each other in a location near you.
The first date is free of charge but the succeeding ones will cost you $20. If this app is successful, $20 is a good rate.
With the success of Pokemon Go, I really do hope that Niantic will solve all of the connectivity problems to keep this game moving forward.
Also, I cannot wait for the official release of the game worldwide. Pokemon Go is released only in select countries as of the time of writing this article.
Niantic said that they will be releasing the game worldwide after they finish rectifying connectivity issues.